This term of dissertation writing has been highs and lows. Over summer I tried to research and write as much as I could in terms of what I knew had to be done. My dissertation tutor changed when I came back for my first term of third year. After meeting up with her I saw what I actually needed to, even if it was heartbreaking to know I had to start all over again, it was a positive step forward. She definitely pointed me in the right direction and made me more interested in my work by making myself more involved into it so I can relate to it better. This improved my writing massively and I feel like I am actually making progress now.

However the deadline is coming up soon, towards the end of February, and I am freaking out as to whether I will actually finish it let alone pass.

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My Space


This is my set up for when International Greetings come for the second time to visit to choose a winner for this competition. I wasn’t nervous, I am confident with my capabilities because I know some of my work is really good, I have learnt to grow with my work as the whole of this term I feel like I have been battling with critics and opinions by the lecturers that have been negative throughout this project. I stayed true to my idea and am proud that I finished all designs when it wasn’t necessary.

My one on one with Sarah Barker, the main IG consultant went well, she was the first person to congratulate me on my progress and work. This was a shock seeing as I have been told other wise, how ever the group interviews followed similarly as the previous ones with negative comments about the colour orange.

Personally I know I’m not going to win this competition, however I do hope that my grade is much higher than the comments I have been receiving. I loved my theme, my work and many others did too. It was definitely an experience.

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Finished Card and Coaster Designs

10833659_10152916730519085_226135609_nThese are my final eight card designs including finished coasters. I really love them and feel that they fit my theme and client well. They are printed and packaged professionally and has given me experience for my final major next year. I have enjoyed this stage as I can see everything coming together and fitting in nicely.

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Laser Cut Designs

As my brief states, I need a new product development to add value to the card. I’ve decided with ply wood coasters with a laser engraved deign drawn on to it. This design will replicate my drawings from my sketch book and will involve the theme of Native Western. This combines both native american and cow boy western themed drawings.


This is the process of designing in illustrator, something quite challenging to me as I am not used to drawing on the computer or the program itself. This is helping me for my future project next term for my degree show.


This shows one of my designs being etched in.


Here are some finished cut out designs behind one of my card backgrounds. I am really pleased with how they came out. Maybe next time I could laser cut out the design shapes for more of a variety for my potential customer. There will be eight cards in total for the end collection. I’m relieved I have got to this stage as I have found this project hard to keep up with time management, so it was a true test on myself.

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Some Card Designs

These designs have a Aztec feel about them relating to the designs of the Native Americans and geometric patterns during the western period. Really love the colour scheme, they all contrast it each other effectively bringing out each colour distinctively.






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Some Drawings Inspired by Boards

10806931_10152877287014085_104850043_n 10799764_10152877287929085_210332492_n


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Client, Colour and Theme Board

kcxmc fhf


I wanted to create a bold masculine theme with cowboys and native american aspects running throughout the cards as a mish mash. The colour are bright and relative to both theme and customer. I wanted to use a combination of materials such as cork or ply to create another use and product development for my cards.

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