Some Card Designs

These designs have a Aztec feel about them relating to the designs of the Native Americans and geometric patterns during the western period. Really love the colour scheme, they all contrast it each other effectively bringing out each colour distinctively.






Some Drawings Inspired by Boards

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Client, Colour and Theme Board

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I wanted to create a bold masculine theme with cowboys and native american aspects running throughout the cards as a mish mash. The colour are bright and relative to both theme and customer. I wanted to use a combination of materials such as cork or ply to create another use and product development for my cards.

Inspirational imagry for my project

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First Term of Third Year

For my first project of third year I had a choice to create either a collection of 8 cards or a set of gift wrap for International Greetings; a leading card manufacturer for many well known companies such as Tescos, John Lewis and Next.

I have chosen to create 8 cards that fit as a collection but have individual design aspects. I am designing for male John Lewis customers in the age group of 20′s to late 30′s. My theme is western vs native american clash. I am well over mid way with my project and have started to design my cards.

Third Term – Helping the Third Years

During this term we were assigned to a Buddy System which is a paring between my year and the third years to help out with their work and exhibition space. I feel that this has been an enormous amount of pressure on us as we are in control of their appearance of their space and some parts of their actual textile work.

I had to prepare my buddies space by filling in holes, sanding down rough patches and painting the walls. This put everything into perspective with how much work there is and how presentation is everything in art and design. As I will have the same system I have been working hard to achieve a high standard for my buddy so she is happy with the outcome and to lessen the stress levels on her and the up coming deadline and final show of work. I have been ensuring that I can put 100% into this as I would expect the same from my buddy next year and be able to trust them with this responsibility.

It has also given me an understanding of how precious time is as art takes time to get right and it is important to grasp the skill of good time management early in preparation for next year so it doesn’t come as a shock in the near future. As a buddy I am working at a fast pace to keep up with her and what she needs doing. The jobs that she has got me to do have not all been expected and gives me something to think about when the time comes. These aspects have been helpful to find out now rather than later when I know what to expect and get done quickly and efficiently. She has shown me that my work space and studio is a good place to work as well as home and both are beneficial for the production of work.

It is always positive to see other students work as a source of inspiration and knowledge of how this can and should be done. From this experience I have started thinking of ideas as of what I can do for my final year project. As a am travelling this summer I feel that my photographs from Thailand and Singapore will be an excellent source for a starting point for the production of ideas and drawings which would then trigger my final collection. However, it is early days and from my buddies work I can see that not just one idea will stick and constant development is needed for a perfect collection. Unfortunately I was unaware of the amount of money that is needed for the final show and this has become a worrying factor and added stress on my expectations next year. Fundraising and a job is something that definitely needs to be considered to ensure that this does not affect my grade.

Another key factor that I have learnt that support from peers and family is crucial to keep you emotionally balanced when it comes down to things going wrong or taking longer than they should. I am grateful for this experience however it has been stressful and hard work on myself  as it is a lot of pressure on second year students. Personally I thought my buddy was very unorganised and did not give direct instructions as to what I was meant to do, she was very unclear at times and sometimes I felt I had to take charge as she was confusing her self as well as me. She was nice and we got on fine but it has made me realise that organisation is key to avoid time wasting and for quicker production of work. Next year I will be sure to take on board her mistakes as well as the points she has taught me.

Charity Work

Last week I attended a charity event called 107 days to raise awareness for ill treated patients in care homes. In this case, it was for a young boy known as the Laughing Boy who drowned due to lack of care and interest in the best interest for people of a disability. We were able to create patches to then build a quilt for the family of Connor Sparrowhawk who suffered from autism and epilepsy. It was a lovely experience to take part in, where anyone can take part.

These are my patches that I produced for the quilt, I cant wait to see the finished product.


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