The Finished Outcome

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Its all come together, not how I imagined but I love it.


Evaluation of my Final Major Project


From the start of this project, I was excited to get the ball rolling. Mainly because the sole purpose was to design whatever I wanted, in whatever style and themes I desired to follow through with. I had clear idea over the summer that I wanted to create a Thai inspired interior collection as a result of the most inspiring backpacking trip during July of last year to Thailand, India and Singapore that I participated in. Home ware and interiors have always been my love and was the reason for starting University three years ago to do BA Textiles. I really wanted to embrace this project to my full potential and to honestly put my heart and soul into designing a collection to do the natural world of Thailand justice.

At first, I wanted to tell my story through a research book that everyone would be able to flick through my personal photographs and drawings in a special book to refer to when I was designing and making decisions throughout my work. Drawing is my skill. It is something I take so much pride in and something I want to share and express in all my designs.

The research process was enjoyable in this project because I was genuinely excited to learn more about Thai culture, colour and design. Reading up Buddhism and the sacred icons so famously used to portray Thailand and its people, religion and life. I especially enjoyed researching up on the meanings behind the lotus flower, which has a strong dominance throughout my working process. Also never realising the importance of colours to everyday life. Each day having a special meaning and colour allocated to, colours are worshiped as much as Buddha and the other gods. I wanted to choose colours that were both meaningful to Asia as well as westernising them to suit the clientele that I am designing for.

I feel that the research process was success and provided me with more than enough knowledge and imagery to work from. Thus moving on to the initial drawing phase, my favourite part of this process. I always love filling my sketch book up with a range of different styled drawings building up a gallery to then take in to Photoshop to create croquis and potential final designs. I decided early on that I wanted to mainly work on wallpaper designs while still experimenting on fabrics to apply a range of versatile designs that could be used in all areas of home ware. When selecting and rejecting companies I was concerned for the quality and both cost of my outcomes. However, University provided all the necessary components to digitally print out both wallpaper and a fabric. Although quality would have been much better from other companies, I could only afford to have my wallpaper lengths printed out professionally. My samples were slightly disappointing as the colour ran and gave a dip dyed effect that I could not help. I wanted to use fabrics that flattered my theme and designs. I chose to use Bamboo Silk and calico for the reasons of Thailand having both rich and poor areas and ways of living. Bamboo silk for the rich and calico for the poor. My aim was to always link back to Thai life.

When the time came to using Photoshop, I was slightly more confident in using it. However, I wish that we had used Photoshop throughout the three years of University to build up a strong enough skill bases for this moment in third year. I feel my designs would be very strong and finished to the best level they could be. On the other hand, I am pleased with my designs and feel that my collection is strong enough to represent the beauty of Thai nature and while also representing my drawings and I. While also keeping my target audience in mind at all times. At this point, I was working on my card project to boost up my grade for the previous workload. Sometimes it was a nice break from the other work and then again, it was incredibly heavy to deal with all at once.

When the time came to start building up my degree space, I had most of my work done. I feel that I have been organised and managed my time well to concentrate on what I had to such as finishing my samples and headering them. However, this time last year I was assigned to a third year buddy to help prepare their degree spaces and any other work they needed to. This year it should have been my turn to have the help, but this was not the case. I had been left to do my studio on my own and do double the work that I should have. This was one of the most stressful two weeks during this project, but perseverance pulled through and I managed to get it all done. Next was the most rewarding and exciting stages. Putting up all my work and displaying it in a professional manor. Here is where I could appreciate all my hard work that I had put in for the last few months. It really gave me a sense of pride and was almost overwhelming to believe that it is all done and finished.

My overall experience of this project has been very positive and enjoyable. It has been amazing to represent a culture that I experienced and to relive it by looking back at photos and memories I have. This project has made me find my love in designing and I wish I had this enthusiasm and passion from the start. However, I do feel that the fact I could do whatever I wanted to helped a lot. There were no restrictions. I am the designer and I had the say in how everything went. I can only wish that the future stays as positive and during the degree show opening a designer or company will love and appreciate my skills and styles enough to offer me some experience in their work space, I would be truly delighted.

Studio Prepping

This time last year I was a buddy to a third year, this year it is my turn to have one but unfortunately mine has never turned up, made excuses and not only let me down but others like me in the same position. This is one of the most stressful times during uni and I am left to build my space on my own on top of two other projects, I feel that this is ridiculously unfair as other students have all their work up and done where as I only finished painting it yesterday when my deadline is this Friday. Here are some progressing photos of my space coming together finally. The term if you want something done right, you got to do it yourself comes to mind…

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Poster for Press Pack


I wanted to give the companies who will receive my press packs a token of me and my work to keep to admire and  refer to when needs be.

I am delighted to share some images of my most recent project inspired by my travels to Asia. This work is very close to my heart as my memories from Thailand influenced my drawings and design work throughout. I love the country and culture and wanted to represent what I thought was beautiful and what would create an inspiring home décor. I hope to influence others to experience a new world and expand both love and knowledge for new styles that could be brought into any home to enjoy every day, not just for a holiday.  Please enjoy this poster, a combination of both me and Asia.

Sampling my designs

Here this is the final stages of my project, headering and sorting out designs in to their families – Bird, Flower and Bamboo. At this point I am starting to stress out as my deadline is in a week and I am still prepping my space and waiting to be assigned a buddy to help me during this process, unfortunately my buddy left over Easter and left me to do this on top of other details that should be taking center stage right now. Also I have just received my dissertation result and they were very disappointing and has sucked a lot of good vibes and energy that should be focused on this celebrated event. However I’m still looking forward to seeing the end show and graduate with both my course mates and housemates in the near future. Uni has definitely been something to remember and look back on as a life lesson.